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Sophie Lo is an accomplished French artist living in England. She works in many mediums, including original paintings, photography, record sleeves, commissioned concert and rock 'n 'roll posters, videos, books and fanzines. She has created tour posters for The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Cynics and Eddie & The Hot Rods, promo posters for The Cramps and sleeve design for The Damned to name just a few projects. Magazines such as "Vive Le Rock" and Mike Stax's "Ugly Things" have acclaimed Sophie's work, with "Vive Le Rock" calling her work "The coolest original rock 'n 'roll posters in the world". Sophie is also responsible for the French translation and liner notes for books such as "The Sex Pistols – Rotten by Lydon" (Camion Blanc).
? Metropolis Collective / Trash Art Gallery - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

"She is immensely talented and has worked on countless high profile projects like Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Senders, etc.
"Sophie has captured the essence of Bobby Joe Owens in a vintage style that compliments this diverse collection of country songs" says Bob Thompson of Rinkled Rooster. ... /... consider her for your next project."
? Bobby Joe Owens Official Website

Sophie, is a brilliant French graphic artist .../... [she] specialises in high end rock and roll posters depicting a connoisseur's history of rebellion.../...
? Rough Trade Shops

Sophie, a brilliant French graphic artist living in England, has worked in several medias, including RECORD SLEEVES (Eddie & The Hot Rods and many others...) CONCERT POSTERS (Brian Jonestown Massacre and many others...) and VIDEOS (The Senders and... many others !!).
Her Poster Artwork defines Rock & Roll. From Ike Turner to Vince Taylor, from Howlin' Wolf to Billy Lee Riley, from The Clash to Willy DeVille, it's a Rock & Roller's dream come true.
You've heard great vintage Rock & Roll, now you can SEE IT. Because Sophie LIVES IT !
Not only is she immensely talented, but her choices of subjects show that she is also a major R&R connoisseur. Like... she knows her shit !!!
The R&R posters available here are a MUST for your R&R pad ! 
? Philippe Marcade - Singer Of The Senders