> What is NGI?

No Gig Impossible (NGI)

As always, NGI started as a crazy idea. Launched one day from the North of France, it quickly bounced in Belgium, UK, to the United States and untill Australia. And now here, before your eyes.

Some music and graphics fans naturally connected to this special project that blurs the boundaries between music, literature, graphic design, arts ...

Everything is true, but the story

Uchronies? Fan-fictions? The idea is that your favorite musicians play together, to imagine what the meeting could have given, through an historical research, credible enough to transform a dream into a universal legend ... 

That's what makes No Gig Impossible the perfect  worship site: in your intimate Pantheon, it's nothing but your ultimate musical fantasy, finally made to measure

And you're certainly not the only one to want this dream to come true. Other members of NGI will help you to bring it to life. And eventually, the community of No Gig Impossible will write this story and choose the graphic designer who will realize the poster.

By subscribing to a NGI story draft, you give yourself (an the world) a chance to be part of an awesome trip. 

You join the community that has aggregated around it: journalists, writers, collectors (records or/and posters), music enthusiasts, bloggers, musicians ... And why not sometimes with the contributions of the artists themselves? (the call is on!) 

The result ? 

A 100 copies limited edition of an highly collector Poster and an awesome booklet that features the story and a presentation of the designer. 


That's what No Gig Impossible is about. 

And we still have a lot of desires and projects we would like to develop with you around the No Gig Impossible concept... Maybe organize real concerts, promote reformations or re-edit/record albums? 

Now, everything depends on your enthusiasm and your support, my friends!  

Anyway, have a good trip here with NGI, folks!

To learn more about NGI concept, refer to the FAQ pages 

For further information, leave us a message: contact@nogigimpossible.com