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> Why No Gig Impossible is essential to music and graphic design fans!

In the early 90's, a concert hall manager, learning that I was into bootlegs and other rarities, came to me with a very personal request: did I hear about a recording he was searching for years ? 

At a Jimmy Hendrix Filmore East concert, Robert Wyatt joined the group for a legendary jam, never repeated, neither on stage or in studio. Insistant rumors reported there was a bootleg of this show. 

This fortysomething guy was divided between excitement at the idea that this bootleg really exists and a melancholic resignation when he raised the possibility that this story could only be a legend. And it had nothing to do with an intellectual quest, or the want to own one more cultural thing; it was part of his intimacy he was sharing with me, a survival of his pure adolescent love stories, a kind of personal Holy Grail, confidential, timeless, that accompanies you throughout a lifetime of passion for music. 

I did some research at the time, without any succes. 

But this guy had planted a seed in my imagination. I asked myself what kind of mythical encounter i would dream about. The first who came to my mind were John Coltrane and Jimmy Page, for what they both taught me in my understanding of music. 

Curiously, this is not the first story I wrote for NGI. Maybe I had to exercise myself with a few others, to tame the idea, before I have a blitz on my own personal Grail ... 

This is what No Gig Impossible is about: a tribute to the dreams of those who "live" with music for a long time. For always. Music accompanies them, feeds them, save them, grows, reveals, arouses, electrifies and soothes them ... 

If, as for me, some musicians have leave their marks on your soul forever, you feel like somewhere, in an abandoned studio, attic, garage... anywhere, a forgotten recording is still waiting to recreate the fervor and excitement that you once have known. 

And if you were thinking until now about it with a melancholic resignation, don't forget that No Gig Impossible is now here to serve you..