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Elvis Presley / Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup : the Hidden Tape

In the early 70's, the King turns around in his cage. As a hamster. The character he has created is moving away from himself and he's searching for a meaning to his life. He must return to its core values ??, the 50's R & R 50. And heal at the same time an old scar which still hurts. Its name is Arthur Big Boy Crudup ...

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Sophie LoGraphist Designer

http://www.sophielo.com/index.html Sophie Lo is an accomplished French artist living in England. She works in many mediums, including original paintings, photography, record sleeves, commissioned ...

mister jefAuthor

Contes et nouvelles. Éditeur. 2 livres publiés de Nouvelles Légendes Improbables et un troisième opus à venir en 2016. Parolier français/anglais. Musicien. Lead guitar pour le groupe Who ...