Here, even if you do not ask yourself questions  you will have the answers. And if you can not find the ones you ask yourself, ask us!

Authors / Graphic designers

  • First steps in the NGI website

    The goal of No Gig Impossible is to build uchronies of concerts, studio sessions gigs ... Well, any musical encounters music fans dream about, by making his favorite musicians play together... An author writes the story, a graphic designer creates the poster. A community buys it. You can discover no Gig Impossible by starting with the posters already implemented (Posters section), the stories already written (corresponding to a poster, Stories section) or by discovering the current projects. Thoose are work in progress, proposed for sale by subscription. A special page (in the Posters section) will shows the making of, from the begining of the idea, the writing as it gradually flows, the various stages of graphic design, designers and authors at work ... The making of is the blog of the birth of a No Gig Impossible Poster. In the community, you can create your own space, you can try to find people you know in real life or on the net, add members who share the same interests than you, and invite your friends to join us.

    The poster you will do if you are chosen (e) by the community gathered around the history project, will be sold in subscription. With its displays, each buyer receives a booklet, including the No Gig Impossible story and a presentation of the designer and the author; ie, you. We also offer links exchange to promote your site and your other creations. We provide you No Gig Impossible banners and logos. We can prepare emails you can send to your circle of acquaintances/friends/clients/fans..., to warn them when your No Gig Impossible poster is on sale.

  • NGI, your Holy Grail
    In the early 90's, a concert hall manager, learning that I was into bootlegs and other rarities, came to me with a very personal request Did I hear about a recording he was searching for years ?

    At a Jimmy Hendrix Filmore East concert, Robert Wyatt joined the group for a legendary jam, never repeated, neither on stage or in studio. Insistant rumors reported it was a bootleg of this show.

    This fortysomething guy was divided between excitement at the idea that this bootleg really exists and a melancholic resignation when he raised the possibility that this story could be only a legend. And it had nothing to do with an intellectual quest, or the want to own one more cultural thing; it was part of his intimacy he was sharing with me, a survival of his pure adolescent love stories, a kind of personal Holy Grail, confidential, timeless, that accompanies you throughout a lifetime of passion for music.

    I did some research at the time, without any succes.

    But this guy had planted a seed in my imagination. I asked myself what kind of mythical encounter i would dream about. The first who came to my mind were John Coltrane and Jimmy Page, for what they both taught me in my understanding of music.

    Curiously, this is not the first story I wrote for NGI. Maybe I had to exercise myself with a few others, to tame the idea, before I have a blitz on my own personal Holy Grail ...

    No Gig Impossible is a tribute to the dreams of those who "live" with music for a long time. For always. Music accompanies them, feeds them, save them, grows, reveals, arouses, electrifies and soothes them ...

    If, as for me, some musicians have leave their marks on your soul forever, you feel like somewhere, in an abandoned studio, attic, garage... anywhere, a forgotten recording is still waiting to recreate the fervor and excitement that you once have known.

    And if you were thinking about it with a melancholic resignation, don't forget that No Gig Impossible is from now on here to serve you..
  • writers and graphic designers: you and NGI

    What requirements to take part?

    Sharp musical culture and graphic elegance. 

    Participating to the NGI project only makes sense if each poster is above all a work of art to collectors and if story is an uchronia that thrills the fans; on their enthusiasm depends the future of a story, on their vote depends the choice of the author and graphic designer in charge of the project . It is a beautiful responsibility to bring the dream of people who trust you and give it life.

    Who chooses the theme of the poster?

    The site members No Gig Impossible.com who enrolled in the History project in the Projects page. Anyone can visit the project without being registered, but must be in order to vote.

    Can I create the graphics I want?


    For everything that could also pose an ethical or legal issue, we advise in individual cases. Regarding the pornographic, no way to ban it. While some posters offend younger, we will create an item prohibited under 18 on the site or will create an alert message on the site's home page. It is out of question for NGI to sacrifice a work at the stake of morality. Instead, each graphic designer is legally responsible for the content she/he's proposing, concerning the right of the images used to create the poster lies with the author (lawsuits from owners of the images). We are committed to immediately remove from the site displays all subject to a dispute concerns the copyright of third parties.

    Can I achieve the poster of an existing story?

    You can choose to work on a story whose poster has already been conducted by another designer, to bring NGI people your own vision. Please contact us to submit your envy. We will bring you our help to build the community of the project : maybe the more delicate will be to gather fans around a project already completed.

    What are the technical specifications?

    The story must between 6000 and 10000 signs long (including spaces).

    The poster must include a minimum the following elements: - the legendary musical personalities + meeting (date and venue). - Signature: Impossible gig? www.nogigimpossible.com

    60 x 80 or 35 x 60 cm (size concert posters of the school of San Francisco 60)

    Ultra careful printing on Velin paper 300 gr, silkscreen or top quality digital inkjet (giclée). Printing in France.

    Jpeg or Gif file. Do not include special characters in the file name. Max 600 pixels on the side of the longer of the poster; Compressed weight, not more than 100 k

    Signature by each designer to propose limited editions, numbered and signed by the artist.

    Limited edition of 100 copies maximum poster, numbered and signed by the hand of the designer or.

    How are sold my posters?

    Limited edition posters are on sale on the site No Gig Impossible, which also offers delivery.

    Only on the internet?

    Eventually, an art book compiling the most acclaimed posters of the year will be published with the poster, including the story and making off / or presentation of the designer and the author.

    This book will be available in exclusive subscription, primarily to NGI posters buyers.

    Who can buy the NGI posters?

    Collectors, music and design fans worldwide. We rely on a network in many countries. It will be also possible as places in line with the NGI spirit to buy our posters (galleries, shops records, trade fairs, museums, bars ...). Our NGI team wants to support record stores, bars that put live music on and concert halls, offering them to be a relay point for NGI buyers to come get theirs posters.

  • Publishing your biography

    Once the community has chosen you as the author (s) or graphic designer of a project, it goes into production mode. A blog format page allows you to post the progress of your work. The whole project community is notified, and all visitors of the site can see them. You are free to join other links of your accomplishments and your sites. We can also write an article about you in the News section. Your portrait is also provided with the poster on which you have contributed, in the NGI book due out once a year.

  • How NGI pay authors and graphic designers?

    Two compensations are proposed (for each creator of an NGI alternate story) :

    - Immediate payment delivery of the work for an amount of € 450.

    - Percentage of sales of 5% for the graphic designer and the author on copies sold.


  • Why register on NGI? How to register to a project ?

    By registering to NGI,

    You can contact other members of NGI and interact with them

    you can share a history project

    you can vote for the graphic designer and the author of your choice to carry a story project.

    you can subscribe to a project and buy a poster NGI .

    you are kept automatically informed

    as soon as one of your favorite designers publishes a new poster .

    when a new person comes to your project in which you participate .

    when a new poster is published on the site

    when an event is announced around NoGigImpossible.

    To register to a project, simply click on the register button located under each heading .

    You are viewing the number of site members already according to their status : collectors, experts , graphic designers, writers .

  • what do I buy, what do I get ?

    You buy an original story, a perfectly documented uchronia you initiated yourself or you like enough to join the group that formed around that project. You choose the author and the graphic designer who will write the history and make the poster ; this one is drawn to 100 copies, numbered and signed. If you buy a copy (or several), you receive in addition the 8 pages booklet containing the NoGigImpossible story, and the presentation of the author and of the designer. The shippng is performed in rigid cardboard tube and the poster is protected by a tissue paper. The booklet is packed in bubble wrap.

    Poster features a minimum the following:

    - The announcement of a concert ( date and place ) .

    - The mythical encounter musical personalities .

    - Signature :

    Impossible gig ?

    www.No Gig Impossible.com

  • Shipping & Delivering

    Your poster is sent in closed rigid cardboard tube.

    Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

    Price for France - 500g = 3.99€ 

    international rate 

    under 500g for the EU = 7€

    Rest of the world 

    under 500g =  8.90€

    (prices may change)

Experts / Contributing

  • Contributing to NGI

    You can help in several ways:

    propose a project

    write a project

    invite graphic designers , collectors, writers , rock historians

    become a moderator of a project, with a special access to deal with the messages and be able to respond.

    ... And of course, speak of NGI to trusted people around you !

  • Contributing to a fiction

    You are the historians of the project.

    You can participate to a story project by bringing your knowledge to the music lovers, writers, graphic artists, collectors, ... In order for them to check "reality" of the concert they would like done (for example, make John Coltrane and Jimmy Page play together mean that the story will be located around 1965/1966, and in London rather, because Jimmy Page never toured out of England at that time even if he went already 2 times to the USA on holiday with his girlfriend Jackie DeShannon then, while Coltrane has already made several tours of Europe and died in 1967. Some people could have talk about Jimmy Page to Coltrane as Ravi Shankar, the American producer Shel Talmy or even Paul Anka, Sonny Boy Williamson, Burt Bacharach, ...).

    You may also be asked to review the story that is told. In these cases, you're welcome to improve it!

  • Can I propose any uchronia project ?

    Precisely not. Not just any. And no matter how. As stated elsewhere in the site (page " propose a project " ), NGI is not dedicated to the big joke. Let's focus our energy on what moves us and let live an old intimate dream.

    But if you choose a gathering of little known musicians, it's up to you to make your NGI uchronia famous for various circles of fans, in order to give every chance to see your story become true. Let's recall the stages of a project: a meeting between musicians is proposed. NGI members are advised and can register themselves as an interested collector , author or designer. But please, do not be limited to this audience ! You will definitely find online blogs, facebook groups, twitter leaders, pinterest pages... on the subject that interest you. And if they do not exist, it is an opportunity to create them !

    Good luck !!!